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Kobe teaches Basketball Lesson 6 go to Mango

2022-06-28 16:02Basketball training class
Summary: Seeking Video: evolution in the year Kobe plays basketballJust finished playing, go to mango, or wait a few days, baiduWhat is the inside story that teaches Kobe to play basketballShould be <& lt; T
Seeking Video: evolution in the year Kobe plays basketball
Just finished playing, go to mango, or wait a few days, baidu
What is the inside story that teaches Kobe to play basketball
Should be <& lt; The God of basketball >& gt;!How do you think Kobe Bryant was insulted by his daughter: "you can't play basketball. That's what the coach taught me"
God says that his weakness is self mockery, even implicit boasting, while weak people say that his weakness is actually just self mockery, or even a statement of fact. But in this regard, I tend to think that Kobe's teaching is correct, while his daughter's coach is weak and wrong, or he just taught some mechanical repetition skills at the beginning. ReasonsThe economic principle of Kobe Bryant's giving up learning and playing basketball
Kobe Bryant is "brilliant". This romance means romanticism, which roughly means betraying the rules: "pursue self to run away from the group, pursue loneliness, puKobe teaches Basketball Lesson 6  go to Mangorsue tragic sentiment, disdain to drift with the tide, disdain to compromise with the secular world, and even be proud of deviant ways and despise the mundane mediocrity of the secular world
Stories about Kobe playing basketball as a child
Kobe was born in Philadelphia. When Kobe was young, he went to Italy with his father. In Italy, few people played basketball, so Kobe once played football and almost became a goalkeeper. When he was in Italy, Kobe's grandfather would send him some NBA game videosDescription of Kobe playing basketball
Kobe dribbled the ball, the last pick and roll, and now the defense has been changed. He has a height advantage. He started to back up in the low post. He made a swing, turned back and threw a jumper. This ball was specially adjusted to a higher arc,, oh!! It's all sealed on my faceHow does Kobe play
Kobe Bryant has comprehensive personal offensive skills. He has many offensive means in 1-on-1. This year, affected by his body Kobe teaches Basketball Lesson 6  go to Mangoand injuries, his breakthrough level has dropped a lot. He relies too much on medium and long distance shots, but his hit rate is too low. Kobe is not a great team player. The team is mainly driven by individual attack. It takes a lot of possession to attackKobe Bryant's shooting posture (picture) and correct shooting teaching
Shooting techniques are divided into the following points: where is the shooting point when shooting? Your eyes should be on the back edge of the hoop. When you look at this, you can throw it into the net. Many coaches teach their players to aim at the leading edge of the hoop. To do that, you have to shoot farther than aiming at the basket. It should be aimed at the basket every time, as ifHow Kobe plays basketball
Kobe's technique is very comprehensive, and the back basket technique is the best among NBA guards. In the game, it is often seen that the Lakers open their backs to Kobe Bryant. If they do not attack, the success rate is very high. With the growth of age. With the decrease of speed, Kobe Bryant of the face frame takes more dry pulling. Empty shake, emergency stop and back upWhat are the playing styles of Kobe Bryant and Jordan, and what are their playing styles
Jordan and Kobe Bryant mainly play at the point guard (SG) position, and can also play at the small forward (SF). Jordan mainly focused on breakthrough in the early stage. Because his physical quality and explosive power are super first-class, dunking and layup are unique. Early mid-range shooting is also a conventional weapon, mainly focusing on breakthrough emergency stop jump shot
Kobe teaches Basketball Lesson 6 go to Mango

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