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Basketball backhand smash teaching video

2022-06-23 07:51Basketball training class
Summary: How to play badminton well -- badminton master lecture videoBadminton backhand teaching video HD Click 1 How to use the strength of the upper waist and abdomen and the strength of the upper pedal to p
How to play badminton well -- Basketball backhand smash teaching videobadminton master lecture video
Badminton backhand teaching video HD Click 1 How to use the strength of the upper waist and abdomen and the strength of the upper pedal to prepare for the action, turn left, bend down to close the abdomen, twist the wrist inward, and close the elbow in front of the chest. At this time, imagine that you want to do an elbow stroke, with the elbow pushing towards the side, back and top (the body keeps a certain degree of relaxation), and then swing the forearm outHow does badminton play backhand catch and pick the backcourt
Your position is a little behind your half court. The position is very important, which is directly related to the success rate of killing. Second, keep your weight low and hold the backhand grip. The ball goes down when killing the ball, but if the opponent's position is compared, the ball generally flies flat and lowers the center of gravityWhat are the tricks of badminton backhand smash
Back to the racket, backhand grip. Hold the racket, bend the arm and lift the racket to the top of the left shoulder. According to the return direction of the opponent, quickly move to the appropriate hitting position, with the elbow joint as the axis. Push the left foot on the ground, drive the forearm and waist and abdomen with the shoulder and big arm, andBasketball backhand smash teaching video hit the ball forward and downward through the fingers and wristsHow to catch badminton with backhand
The most important thing is that the reaction should start quickly, the racquet should be quick and the action range should be small. When hitting the ball, we should mainly rely on the forearm, wrist and fingers to achieve the purpose of fighting for time and speed. We should be good at controlling our own racket face and the power of counterattack according to the power of the other side to kill the ball, and the method and landing point of our own return ballHow to kill the ball with backhand
2. Conditions: backhand backcourt kills are nothing more than self suicide. Because of the reflexes, it is difficult to control the power angle, and it is difficult to recover the center of gravity after killing, so no one is stupid in backcourt kills, and there are also very few. Therefore, backhand kills are limited to the midfield or the front court, and this opportunity requires the opponent to make mistakes, and the conditions are not easy to achieveHow to practice backhand killing in badminton
The key to practice is: coordination and fluency, front relaxation and back expansion, sudden exertion. Another important action of backhand: the ball should be placed above the front of the batter; 2. When swinging, turn the wrist, remake and press the thumb at one go; A time of three strokesHow to catch backhand in badminton
3. When catching and killing the ball, in order to facilitate the free use of wrist and finger power to change the racket face and force of hitting the ball, you should try to hit the ball in front of your body. When receiving the chasing ball from the opponent, you should also use backhand as much as possible
What are the meanings and skills of forehand, backhand and kill in table tennis
The left hand position is the backhand position. For example, when Wang Hao pulls the ball with his right hand, he pulls the ball for the forehand position. He hit the ball in the backhanBasketball backhand smash teaching videod position when he hit the ball with the dirBasketball backhand smash teaching videoect grip. Killing the ball refers to attacking the ball, that is, when the racket hits the ball, the hitting force passes through the center of the ball. Including forehand attack and backhand attack. I suggest you take a look at tangjianjun's teaching video, which will be helpfulBadminton backhand skills
At the beginning of practice, you should start from repeatedly practicing backhand footwork and swing in the air at the same time. The trick of backhand is that the hitting point should be as high as possible. Don't develop the hitting habit of middle and lower hand position. Except for the moment of hitting, the body should be relatively relaxed. Do more backhand strength trainingHow to press down badminton backhand
Badminton backhand smash is achieved by internal rotation of the arm and then rapid swing. Pay attention to the red box mark in the figure below. The arm should have obvious internal rotation, and then quickly swing and press the ball down to smash the ball. Note: when pressing down, you can properly coordinate the whole body and use the power of turning the waist to make the body more balanced
Basketball backhand smash teaching video

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