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Taiji Basketball Teaching

2022-06-23 14:06Basketball training class
Summary: Why do I shoot under the basket every time I play basketball? The ball is easy to knock out of the basket twice, even on theWhen the ball is released, you should feel that it is released by pressing t
Why do I shoot under the basket every time I play basketball? The ball is easy to knock out of the baskeTaiji Basketball Teachingt twice, even on the
When the ball is released, you should feel that it is released by pressing the wrist. That is to say, the ball is rolling out. This can be seen from the NBA video. Especially when it is played slowly, the ball is rolling. In this way, when the ball is rubbed on the backboard, the rotation speed of the ball will drop, and the ball naturally rolls to the basketI want to learn Taijiquan. When playing basketball, the physical confrontation, the use of Taijiquan to overcome the hard with softness, four or two strokes
The idea is good and feasible, but there are the following problems: 1 If you want to practice Taijiquan until you can receive and send it easily, you must be at least half a hundred years old. 2. if you want to use your strength Taiji Basketball Teachingto fight, I can frankly say that in such an intense sport as basketball, you have almost no chance to exercise your TaijiTaijiquan tells you what you should pay attention to when learning 24 Style Taijiquan (3)
Calm the mind and relax the body, and breathe naturally. Taijiquan teaching should pay attention to natural breathing. Some students may shrug their shoulders, stiff necks, protruding elbows, pouting their hips and other phenomena during the training, which are related to breath holding. Because the posture is incorrect, it causes breath holding practice. After several consecutive movements, they must breathe and the breath must be changed deeplyIf you think of dribbling as practicing tai chi in basketball, is it helpful for the transition
Who is sunshiming
STaiji Basketball Teachingpecialty: Research on the theory and method of basketball teaching and training. Main achievements in recent years: published more than ten academic papers in various public journals and presided over or participated in seven scientific research projects. The main academic papers are as follows: the Taiji model of Basketball Offensive and defensive transformation; On the relationship between basketball and students' personality developmentWho can teach me some knowledge about basketball and how to dribble freely
Find an open space for the basketball. Practice shooting before and after one foot ~ ~ remember that the arm cannot swing above the elbow ~ ~ only use the forearm to shoot the ball ~ ~ ~ after that, you can dribble and run. Lower your center of gravity and coordinate your actionsWhat is the experience of learning Tai Chi in college physical education
We study Tai Chi 24 forms in college physical education. I think it's very good, very imposing, ha ha ha (&\3233; &# 3233;) Hiahiahia can still pose when she meets a villain, but she can't do it in actual combat. After all, it's a fitness project. In some cases, it can't compare with Military Boxing, but I love this kind of projectIs it better to practice Tai Chi with basketball or football
It is better to use football, because football is smaller, which is more conducive to ensuring the standard of Tai Chi movementThe Taiji basketball philosophy mentioned in CCTV 5
。。。 Tai Chi begets two aunts, two aunts begets four uncles, and four uncles have eight petalsWhere is the basic basketball skill course
HeTaiji Basketball Teachingre is a very good tutorial on basic basketball skills. TNT basic basketball teaching content and download address: 。
Taiji Basketball Teaching

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