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How to play basketball point guard

2022-06-23 17:04Basketball training class
Summary: How to play basketball point guardThe fourth point is the hit rate. As a point guard, the hit rate must be relatively high. When the teammates are at a loss, an accurate long-range shot can well inspi
How to playHow to play basketball point guard basketball point guard
The fourth point is the hit rate. As a point guard, the hit rate must be relatively high. When tHow to play basketball point guardhe teammates are at a loss, an accurate long-range shot can well inspire the morale of the whole team and lay a foundation for victory. Point 5: be able to master all kinds of assists. For example, how to make teammates relay in the air, run and pass, pick and rollHow to play basketball point guard well
Practice cross over (crotch dribble, disguised crossover, etc.). When playing, you usually control the ball. You are equivalent to Rondo of Celtic or Nash of suns. You should stand outside the three-point line, let your teammates run, and observe the position of everyone in the courtHow to play basketball point guard
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How to play basketball point guard well
First of all, you should have good insight into the field, and be able to pass when you should pass the ball, and do not pass blindly when you should not. The second is to practice the ability of breakthrough, because once you can't pass the ball outside, you can choose to break in and then divide the ball or score. We must practice basic skills, such as breakthrough and dribblingHow to play point guard well in basketball
I personally think that to play well in the position control, speed and dribbling are indispensable, but we should also have an overall view and don't give the position of the position control to death. Just think that the position control is to pass the ball wellThe playing method of basketball point guard
Point guard, also known as point guard, is a fixed position in the basketball lineup. The point guard is often the organizer of the team's attack, and decides to pass the ball to the right player at the right time by controlling the ball. He is the person who has the most chances to take the ball on the courtHow to play a good point guard
Good control of the ball and transporting the ball to the front court are the basic functions of the point guard. If LZ's conHow to play basketball point guardtrol of the ball is easy to be broken, three points should be paid attention to: 1. Lower the center of gravity, so that it is easier to control the ball; 2. Protect the ball. When the opponent is expected to steal your ball, block the middle of the opposing ball with his body or non dribblerHow to practice basketball point guard
Practice the passing method: master the correct passing posture. Put your hands in front of your chest, naturally separate your five fingers, hold the ball outward with your palms, bend your wrists back, and naturally separate your legs, the same width as your shoulders, or form a lunge from front to back. The center of gravity should be stable and the eyes should look straight ahead (it is best to learn to observe six directions with eyes)How to play basketball point guard well
Of course, it's impossible. The other party's center of gravity is already high and his attention is not very focused. Take a hard shot to the ground. This time, you can go straight or turn around at full speed. If you haven't made an emergency stop, you fall downHow can the point guard play well in a basketball game
If you play poiHow to play basketball point guardnt guard and are afraid of hands and feet, your team will be ruined in your hands. The next thing 1, you should ensure that the ball is controlled stably - dribbles steadily, and can successfully and smoothly bring the ball from the backcourt to the front court without being broken. Pass the ball steadily, without mistakes, and not easily to the wave pitching king. Shoot steadily, don't throw one
How to play basketball point guard

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