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Basketball pressure defense teaching one hand against the ball

2022-06-24 05:07Basketball training class
Summary: How to carry out oppressive defenseThe best way for a single player to defend against pressure is to keep close to his body, keep close to him, and keep the ball on his body. If there is a ball, he wi
How to carry out oppressive defense
The best way for a single player to defend against pressure is to keep close to his body, keep close to him, and keep the ball on his body. If there is a ball, he will be killed. One hand covers his eyes and the other hand guards the ball, making him uncomfortable in breakthrough, shooting and even passing.. However, there are certain requirements for physical strength and healthHow to carry out oppressive defense? Basketball
Oppressive defense is to strengthen the physical antagonism of tight defense, inseparable, accurately judge the opponent's action intention, decisively block the position in advance, and actively interfere with the opponent's dribbling and shooting with his bodyHow to stand in the full court defense of basketball
Single post, four out (one inside and four outside) is used when the team has excellent low post offensive players, because it opens the way for low post players to play singles. Single stack is used to resist oppressive defense. Once the ball is successfully fed to the inside, it forms a one-to-one singlesDefensive skills of basketball
WheBasketball pressure defense teaching  one hand against the balln I was only 10 years old, he loved basketball and always took me as his wooden stake in the alley at home, but my wooden stake later became a wall in his eyes. Hehe ~ let me talk about the defensive skills first: first of all, we should judge what kind of opponent you defend. If the physical quality is too different, I won't say itWho can teach me how to play basketball and how to defend
There are many one-on-one defensive skills in basketball matches. First, your own steps must keep up with your defensive goals. Don't be fooled by his fake moves when the other party makes fake moves. When he tries to sway you past you again, remember not to be nervous. You should realize that you should squat when facing your defenderBasketball Guard: in the face of pressing and oppressive defense, there is a lot of physical contact. Please explain in detail how to do it. Half court
In the face of oppressive defense, the defender first chooses to pass the ball, and the second is to choose the position of back to the defender to dribble and use the turn to pass. (if you don't understand, please ask.). In the half court, Basketball pressure defense teaching  one hand against the ballI think the most suitable is 3-3 or 4-4. 4.2-2 is very tired. 3-3 is more outstanding for personal ability, and 4-4 is more representative of the teamHow to practice defense in basketball
External defense, stick it up, never retreat, small step sideways, is the oppressive defense, anyway, it doesn't make him comfortable. The key to the internal defense lies in the center of gravity. Stick the center of gravity on him, let him almost bear the weight of two people, and push him out of the 3-second zone, which is the sugar cow defenseIn a basketball match How to break joint defense or press defense
Tight defense is an active defense, which is generally combined with man marking defense. It means that each defender clings to the player he is defending, making it more difficult for him to catch and attack, while carrying out oppressive defense or entrapment on the ball holder of the attacker, which can cause him to make mistakes in dribbling or passingEssentials of basketball defensive action
Open your hands and keep your center of gravity down. Don't stretch out your hands easily. Defend the other party by moving your feet. Don't jump easily. If the other party dribbles the ball, you can get closer to the other party and carry out oppressive defense, causing the other party to make mistakesHow to defend basketball? Ask for tactical defense and detailed explanation (such as 23 joint defense)!! Online urgent request_ Baidu knows
2. As for the 23 joint defense, the basketball team of our college explained and practiced this kind of tactics during the training last week, and the effect was good. The key point is to give up man marking defense, and eBasketball pressure defense teaching  one hand against the ballach player keeps his own area. Generally, two big men stand in the three second zone on both sides
Basketball pressure defense teaching one hand against the ball

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