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Basketball regular ball rotation teaching generally

2022-06-28 17:03Basketball training institutions
Summary: How to turn basketball with one fingerSo the ball won't fall. Normally. 1. The finger is vertical, passing through the center of the ball and turning the ball is the basic action of free style in s
How to turn basketball with one finger
So the ball won't fall. Normally. 1. The finger is vertical, passing through the center of the ball and turning the ball is the basic action of free style in street ball Free style meanBasketball regular ball rotation teaching  generallys fancy basketball moves. There are three kinds of ball rotation: finger ball rotation, wrist ball rotation and chest ball rotation. Finger bBasketball regular ball rotation teaching  generallyall rotation requires the power of the wrist to rotate the ballHow to spin basketball
Action method: the fingers of both hands are naturally separated, the thumb is relatively in the shape of an eight character, hold the ball with the part above the finger root, the palm is empty, the elbows are naturally bent on the side of the body, and the ball is placed in theBasketball regular ball rotation teaching  generally chest. Stand in a basic position with eyes on the passing target. When passing the ball, push your back foot on the groundHow to spin a basketball (one handed spin)
3 when the ball is spinning in the air, the finger catches the rotating basketball. At the beginning, it is easy to fail. The ball can only be rotated and landed. With continuous repetition, the time can be slowly extended. After finding the center of rotation, you can hold on for more than 10 seconds. After proficiency, you can change hands or fingersHow to turn the ball in Basketball Teaching
3 /4 low hand passing, which is a concealed passing method. It is usually a close distance or hand-in-hand passing. It is often used for scoring after breakthrough or pick-up. 4 /4 hit the ground to pass the ball. With the help of the rebound ability of the ground, the basketball can be transferred to the place where it cannot be transmitted normally. This kind of pass requires the other party to be aware of itThe teaching steps of basketball dribble turn
After the above practice, you should practice changing the ball with both hands, that is, taking the ball back and forth from the right hand to the left hand, and turning the left hand from the back to the right hand. You can also add a turn when you are familiar with it. Turn around while changing hands. Thank you. This is the basic dribble training. If you practice this well, you can turn around without dropping the ball in the future. It is very simpleHow does the basketball turn
Basketball must use the belly of your fingers to turn the ball. You can't use your fingernails so that you can't turn it very well, and you should turn it along the linesHow to quickly learn to turn basketball
Beat the air of basketball to the feet, and trim the fingernails of sharp hands. Find the vertical intersection of the grooves on the basketball. This point is where your fingers touch. If you spin the ball horizontally, it will rotate unevenly and your fingers will not find a good point of contact. Lift the ball with the fingers of the dominant handBasketball turning skills
All fancy basketball players can do this. There are two most important points when turning the ball. 1. at the moment when the ball is released, use the power of the wrist to rotate the ball. The key is to hold the ball with the palm of your hand, flatten the palm, and then use the rotation of your hand to make the ball rotate quicklyHow to turn the basketball
How does a basketball turn the ball? How does basketball turn the ball? Many friends who like playing basketball may want to learn to turn the ball. The basketball rotates on their fingers. It looks very handsome and enjoys that feeling. Although there are many people playing basketball, there are not many people who can turn the ball. Let's introduce:
How to spin a basketball
Only in this way can we keep the high rotation speed, and the nail is smoother than the finger, which can make the ball rotate faster. When you catch the ball, you must find the center of gravity so that the ball won't fall off. Rotating basketball is practiced slowly, just like turning a book or pen during recess. Practice makes perfect. Hand feeling and strength are veryBasketball regular ball rotation teaching  generally important
Basketball regular ball rotation teaching generally

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