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Basketball Ingram teaching video after Kobe retired

2022-06-22 19:04Basketball training institutions
Summary: Do you like Brandon Ingram's performance in the competitionAfter Kobe Bryant retired, the Lakers introduced many new players. Ingram was one of them. Ingram entered the NBA as a Tanhua. Many profes
Do you like Brandon Ingram's performance in the competition
After Kobe Bryant retired, the Lakers introduced many new players. Ingram was one of them. Ingram entered the NBA as a Tanhua. Many professional basketball people think Ingram is the "next Durant". Ingram: physical talent is comparable to Durant since Kobe retiredIngram is good at passing and dribbling. What are his shortcomings to improve
Ingram ranks third in the list selected by the American authoritative media ESPN, second only to Simmons and jeronbrown. After graduating from high school, Ingram was invited by many famous basketball schools and finally chose Duke University. At Duke University, Ingram became the trump card in coach k's hands. He can attack and defend, and also has certain organizational ability... How much do you know about andreingram's basketball career as a math teacher in his spare time_ Hundred
A year's salary is only a pitiful $26000, less than half of the per capita income in the United States. In order to dream of working alone in the Development League for decades, it is hard to imagine that this is the story of a Lakers player. His name is Andre Ingram. He has only played six Games in the LakersIngram's strong shot against the three man defense limit rod under the basket is successful. How difficult is this ball_ Baidu
This goal also instantly pulled the home court of Minmin team to the top. All the fans and friends on the scene stood up and applauded Ingram's superb performance. Pull bar layup is a very difficult way in basketball, which requires athletes to maintain physical stability in the process of breakthroughIngram extreme rod salutes Dr. J. how difficult is this action
Ingram reproduces the classic movements of Dr. J. Pull bar layup is a difficult event in the layup. As a world-famous sport, basketball has been loved and supported by fans and friends all over the world. This is because the playability of basketball is very high in the whole gameWhy is it so hard to watch Ingram play
Look at this sentence: I am not afraid to play. I dare not break with thBasketball Ingram teaching video  after Kobe retirede ball, dare not return, dare not change the direction from hip to hip. I dare to do all kinds of technical movements, not afraid of the head and tail. Defense and rebounding are brave. If he really didn't dare to play, he should be interrupted several times, didn't dare to dribble, was capped several times, and didn't dare to break through. He just shot rationallyIngram is also little Durant. What are their similarities
Ingram has been compared with Durant atBasketball Ingram teaching video  after Kobe retired the beginning. He is tall but lacks resistance. He is open to the outside world. He has a big step and a long hand. It is very effective to find opportunities to attack the basketball box. Then I developed the ability to hold the ball, but the projection was still weak, so I worked with LeBron James for a yearIngram's playing style is too arrogant. Do you think he is O'Neill
There is no wheat left here. There is wheat left. Come on. Howard: "beBasketball Ingram teaching video  after Kobe retiredfore I entered the NBA, I only knew one person. He was the number one of the Rockets." Big dream: "I don't think I'm qualified to comment on McGrady. I'd better catch up with Jordan first."What level does Ingram belong to in the world basketball league
Ingram's profile Xiaobian searched Ingram's profile on the Internet and found that the details of this person were relatively clear. In fact, this man is a professional basketball player in the United States. He was born in North Carolina on September 2nd, 1997. In the course of the gameIngram was elected as the fastest growing player. How did he do it
Ingram is very strong and has strong scoring ability. He is really young and promising. He has great potential. He has strong shooting ability, good attack and defense. He has a broad field of vision, flexible steps, fast movements and straightforward passing. He is a very comprehensive basketball player. With his continuous efforts, he will have more experience
Basketball Ingram teaching video after Kobe retired

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