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Basketball non ball technical action teaching ball oriented

2022-06-26 11:02Children's basketball training
Summary: This paper briefly introduces the basic methods and principles of defending non ball players. Various running names and technical requirements in offensive movementWhen the attacking team member is fa
This paper briefly introduces the basic methods and principles of defending non ball players. Various running names and technical requirements in offensive movement
When the attacking team member is far away from the ball, he can adopt the posture of facing the ball and facing the opponent side by side, with his arms extended naturally, so as to break the bBasketball non ball technical action teaching  ball orientedall and assist in defense. (3) Moving footwork: according to the transfer of the ball and the movement of the opponent, the defender uses up step, withdrawal step, sliding step, cross step, running and other footwork to block the opponent from getting rid of the moving route and seizingBasketball technical essentials
Basic basketball skills - ball control skills: 1 Hold the ball with five fingers and tighten them inward. Catch the ball with the palm of your hand at the moment it falls. 2. the trunk dribbles the ball around the waist. The key to this action is to face forward, don't look at the ball, and then follow the clockEssentials of basketball technical action
In fact, if you want to be familiar with the basketball rules when playing basketball, you can do it at will in the future. You can play with or without the ball. If you are not familiar with basketball skills, you'd better shoot without the ball. Often carry out dribble or empty handed running, so that you can only practice shooting or layup, and learn other things slowlyHow to get rid of basketbBasketball non ball technical action teaching  ball orientedall without the ball and break through with the ball
This is not clear. It's better to talk face to face. The best way to get rid of the ball is to fake it. For example, if you want to get rid of it to the left, you can make a fake move to the right and pretend to run, and instantly switch to the left without the ball. Or pretend to half turn around in place and give an example. If you break through the skills, you can't say it clearlyWhat are the technical essentials of basketball running without the ball
The most important start is sudden and unexpected, such as cunning rabbit, quiet into the place, moving like a rabbit. Otherwise, it will not move. If it wants to move, it will start suddenly and quickly flash out or run out of neutral. Including the sudden reverse run after the forward run, and the abrupt folding forward run in the reverse run. In addition, the eyes in running without the ball must be consistent with the ball eater, at least(basketball) a method of training without a ball
Exercise method: develop finger and wrist strength method: finger grasping exercise, refers to push ups, people sit and use wrist force to pass basketball or solid ball, hold barbell, and practice straight arm rapid bending and stretching wrist. Upper limb strength methods: weight-bearing press, neck back press, bench press, heavy arm extension, solid ball passing and shootingWhat are the technical points of defending a non ball player
Defending a player without a ball: a player without a ball must first clearly observe where the ball is, whether the ball is at 45 degrees, in the front,Basketball non ball technical action teaching  ball oriented at zero degrees, or under the basket, and defend the player without a ball on the premise of observing the position of the ball. When the man and the ball are more than 4 meters, we should adopt open defenseSome skills about running without the ball in basketball
If there is a tacit understanding between teammates, they can also ask for teammates' pick and roll. Sliding the baseline is a common and effective method for some pitchers. For example, when the defender is focusing on the ball handler, he gets rid of it and walks down the baseline to the other side. It is Basketball non ball technical action teaching  ball orientedrecommended to watch more basketball videos, such as Reggie Miller's and Ray Allen'sWhat are the offensive techniques in basketball matches
Basketball Offensive technology Basketball Offensive technology includes two types: no ball and ball technology. Mainly: 1 Empty cut, 2 Free hand, 3 Catch the ball, 4 Pass, 5 Dribble, 6 Shooting, 7 Break through with the ball, etc. At present, the main forms of offensive techniques are: 1) strengthening the connection between technical movementsBasic basketball moves
Shooting is an important means of basketball scoring. When shooting, whether it is with one hand or both hands, when holding the ball, the five fingers should naturally open and the palm should be empty. Touch the ball with the finger root and the part above the finger root to increase the contact area of the ball, so as to maintain the stability of the ball and control the direction of the ball. Defense is an action to prevent the opponent from scoring
Basketball non ball technical action teaching ball oriented

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