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Children's basketball training

Basketball coordination and Tactics Teaching

2022-06-27 22:53Children's basketball training
Summary: Teaching design of shield cooperation and countermeasure cooperation in Basketball Offensive TacticsLl & 12539; Huo Tongbing, Zhen LAN, Liu Jin, i5i, battle cover = I ping pong coordination and co
Teaching design of shield cooperation and countermeasure cooperation in Basketball Offensive Tactics
Ll & \12539; Huo Tongbing, Zhen LAN, Liu Jin, i5i, battle cover = I ping pong coordination and coordination teaching design article / Xie Yuanjian key words: basketball; Offensive tactics; Cover cooperation; Supporting document identification code: B Article No.: 1005-2410 (2014) 06-0048-02What does the basic cooperBasketball coordination and Tactics Teachingation of basketball tactics include
Including four foundation coordination 1 Transmission and cutting fit 2 Cover coordination 3 Snap fit 4 Coordination all basketball tactical coordination evolved from the above four basic tactical coordination
How to realize the ball centered tacBasketball coordination and Tactics Teachingtical cooperation in basketball
The position, distance and action of easy to make mistakes are unreasonable. The shield did not conceal his intention of action, and the covered did not use fake actions to attract the defender. The shield team members did not turn around to escort or participate Basketball coordination and Tactics Teachingin the attack after taking cover. ● coordination coordination coordination is after the offensive team member receives the ball back to the basket or side to sideBasketball tactical cooperation
[2] The covered person should cooperate with the action by using the fake action. When the partner reaches the cover position, the action to get rid of the opponent should be timelBasketball coordination and Tactics Teachingy, sudden and fast. [3] The two should cooperate with each other, act in a timely manner, respond in a timely manner according to changes in the situation, and strive for a second attack opportunityRequirements of coordination in basketball tactical training
The supporting team members shall timely seize the favorable position before supporting, open their feet after receiving the ball, bend their knees, tilt their upper body forward slightly, bend their elbows slightly, hold the ball in front of their abdomen with both hands, and protect the ball with their arms and bodies. Pay attention to the situation on the court at any time, so as to pass the ball to the partner who has a favorable attack opportunity or attack himself in timeBasketball match and tactics
Basketball match and tactics&# xE768; Let me answer three questions \? Anonymous users launched on December 26, 2013. It can be divided into "offensive tactics and defensive tactics" according to the offensive and defensive sidesHow to teach basketball tactics
(6) Coaches explain and coordinate. In the above six steps, the team members will know that after learning the coordination, the attack efficiency is the highest, so they will have a deep impression on this coordination method. The stage of skillful and complete tactical methods is a period of teaching and trainingBasketball match coordination tactics (people who understand basketball!)
(1) Basic coordination of offensive tactics the basic coordination among several people in an attack is the basis for organizing the offensive tactics of the whole team. There are four common types: pass and cut, sudden points, cover and coordination It can be carried out between two defenders, between two forwards, or between forwards and defenders, or between forwards or defenders and centersBasketball tactics training method
In the training work, we should highlight the practice of thinking and style. And emphasize the practice of basic basketball skills. Tactical training should be difficult and strict, starting from actual combat, with special emphasis on overall cooperation. In the process of tactical training, we should further organize the lineup, cooperate with the strength of the whole team, and ensure that all 12 players can play, so as to give full play to the strengths of the whole teamBasic offensive tactics in basketball tactical training
(1) First teach the communication and cutting cooperation, then teach the sudden division cooperation, then teach the cover cooperation, and finally teach the policy cooperation. Screen cooperation: first practice the screen between players without the ball, and then practice the screen between players with the ball and without the ball; First practice on-site cover, and then practice on-site cover. (2) When doing the basic coordination practice of offensive tactics, you can not defend first, so as to
Basketball coordination and Tactics Teaching

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