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Children's basketball training

Walking Basketball Teaching jogging after familiarity

2022-06-29 15:02Children's basketball training
Summary: How to practice basketball dribbling wellNote that the dribble uses the tips of the five fingers to control the ball, not the entire palm. Start with a slow dribble walk, then jog after getting famili
How to practice basketball dribbling well
Note that the dribble uses the tips of the five fingers to control the ball, not the entire palm. Start with a slow dribble walk, then jog after getting familiar with it, and then practice medium speed. The important thing is to slow down rather than drop the ball. While getting familiar with these, practice your left hand well. Pay attention to speed change and acceleration, which is one of the key points to break through the opponent's defenseTeach me to play basketball~~
Basketball is a sport with strong technical comprehensiveness. The number of shooting scores determines the outcome of the game. So, how to create more scoring opportunities and improve the shooting percentage? Here are some methods in teaching and training: strengthen the practice of standardized shootingHow to lower the center of gravity better when playing basketball dribble
Dribble refers to a ball that is bounced off the ground by a player with one hand continuously or with both hands alternately while he is in place or moving. It is called dribble. Ice hockey also has its own special dribbling skills. Dribbling is an important technique of individual attack in basketball match. It is not only a powerful means of personal attackHow to play basketball in three steps
A three-step layup is not a three-step layup. If you hold the ball with your right hand, you should first step on your left foot, then step on your right foot, and then take off with your right foot (single foot)! If you hold the ball witWalking Basketball Teaching  jogging after familiarityh your left hand, you should step on your rigWalking Basketball Teaching  jogging after familiarityht foot first, then on your left foot, and then take off with your left foot, which is the same as taking off with one foot. Remember to take just 2 steps at an appropriate distance before you have itHow can a basketball walk with its crotch? It's just a step
Step 1: start the most basic forehand dribble. The fingers are basically perpendicular to the ground when dribbling. Five elements of dribbling posture: knee bending, horse step, bending, straight back and raising head. Step 2: after action 1 is skilled, take a step forward and start dribbling. The technical action is the same as that of changing hands in front of the body, except that the drop point becomes below the legHow to predict the landing point of the ball when playing basketball for rebounds? How to quickly get started and rebound
The first thing to do is to see how the ball turns after the shooter throws it. If it turns back, the ball should fall in front of the shooter. But in general, this kind of ball has aWalking Basketball Teaching  jogging after familiarity high hit rate, so there is no need to grab the blue board. You have to look at the curve and speed of the shooterThree step layup, how can we not walk
In this case, your hands and your basketball will have a feeling, which will gradually combine, and then start practicingWhat should I do when playing basketball and walking the basket
Walking the basket is a three-step layup. The three-step layup is the simplest and most basic shooting technique in basketball. It requires players to taWalking Basketball Teaching  jogging after familiarityke two steps when holding the ball, and make a layup or shoot at the same time when taking off in the third step. The three-step layup is divided into expert layup and low hand layup according to the relative height of the hand and shoulder when the shot is taken. Lay up at the same timeBasketball breakthrough teaching
The so-called slow three steps means the speed of walking and layup. The steps are very slow. Manuginobili is a typical example... The word "step with the ball" does not strictly belong to the rules of basketballPlay basketball ~ ~ find out
Basketball can't be practiced in ten days. Unless you are a genius, you must not be a genius, or you won't come back to ask. First of all, you must be interested in basketball to play well. First of all, I think we should learn to lay up well. The most basic walk lay up is to practice until we are 70% or 80% sure that we can make it. Congratulations
Walking Basketball Teaching jogging after familiarity

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