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Iverson's Basketball Teaching you have to turn right

2022-06-23 02:10Children's basketball training
Summary: Detailed tutorial on Iverson's body front change breakthroughAs long as the disguised breakthrough depends on the fake action, when shaking people, if you want to jump to the right, you should give
Detailed tutorial on Iverson's body front change breakthrough
As long as the disguised breakthrough depends on the fake action, when shaking people, if you want to jump to the right, you should give the other party a fake action that you want to go to the left. At this time, your eyes should look at the left, your left foot steps forward, your left shoulder sinks, your right foot suddenly exerts force, and as soon as you go out, your left foot immediately pushes to the right. In fact, these are the methodsCross over
Iverson taught everyone how to play Iverson's dribble breakthrough in the NBA is famous for being fast and dizzying. Iverson, known as the "shadow killer", relies on this unique dribble skill to make his defense opponents feel like they are in the fog. If you don't believe it, let's go into Iverson's realm: 1Detailed explanation of Iverson's changing direction breakthrough action
, or you know the consequences. ¥#%63! Don't make too big a move to avoid others' suspicion. When you do this, be sure to bend back very quickly to the previous dribble position. Then step down and dribble to the right hand, and take a big step forward with the left foot, so as to step down and dribble, and lean forward, pretending to break throughHow to practice Iverson's transformation into a master
When the right foot touches the ground, it is on the left foot ↗ Direction. His left hand swung to his chest. The right hand sticks the ball to the hand by beating the ball hard before taking off. Be careful not to roll your wrists. I don't understand the head. It's very difficult. Throw it with your head on your shoulder. Finally, shake your opponent in a straight line. Remember that it's a straight line breakthroughWhy can Iverson easily pass people with the simplest body forward change of direction
In Iverson, in addition to his clean eyes, we can also see the most simple and clean people. Without gorgeous dribbling, why can Iverson easily pass with the simplest change of direction in front of his body? When it comes to ball control skills, Iverson is definitely at the level of NBA historyHow to learn from Iverson's rapid transformation
The forward step of technical action is just the tip of the iceberg. I hope it can be of some help to the majority of basketball fans. If you are a fan who has been watching football for a long time, you must remember a classic scene of Iverson's rookie year: the top of the circle crossed the clouds and autumn to change the line, and actually fooled the focus of emperor Jordan completelyHow should Iverson change direction (specific)
The reason is that it requires skilled ball control skills. You can look around you. Not many people can master this action, because not everyone is a master of ball control, especially the one who pulls the ball upIs Iverson easy to learn
It should be said that it is extremely difficult to learn. Are you fast enough? Fast is the basis of everything. Will your transformation stop? Iverson's disguise hardly stops. Will you control the ball? If it's not good, you will lose the ball immediately if you move so fast. To sum upIverson change of direction
What is the name of Iverson's change of direction? Uh, uhIverson's Basketball Teaching  you have to turn right... Just call it Iverson's change of direction. Crossover can trick the defender to lose his center of gravity, get a chance to shoot or break Iverson's change of direction, which is very handsome and natural, so you can learn from himIverson points
One of Iverson's must kill skills is to change the direction sharply in front of the body, which is simple and rough. The key points are as follows: 1. The range should be large, the speed should be fast, and the center of gravity and dribble should be as low as possible during the change of direction. 2. Protect the good ball. 3. After the change of hands, start with the ball directly. Lay up crotch + back dribble passing key points: the connection between crotch and back should be smooth
Iverson's Basketball Teaching you have to turn right

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