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Curie's basketball hand type teaching said so much

2022-06-23 13:05Children's basketball training
Summary: Analysis of Curie's shootingThe progress is quite amazing. Now the team has No1 in both shooting and dribbling. Having said so much, I get to the point. When practicing shooting, I like to think. T
Analysis of Curie's shooting
The progress is quite amazing. Now the team has No1 in both shooting and dribbling. Having said so much, I get to the point. When practicing shooting, I like to think. The middle hand type has experienced the evolution of Kobe Bryant (I am Jamie) Adu and now imitates curry. It is basically finalized, and it is also a jump shot. Because of its poor jumping skills, it is 1.74 height, which means touching a section of the index fingerIs it better to learn from Curry's pitching posture or Kobe Bryant's pitching posture
Each has its own characteristics. Curry's shooting speed is fast and it is not easy to be blocked. Kobe's posture is picturesque, elegant and ornamental. It depends on how you choose
How to learn the shooting style of curry
At the moment of receiving the ball, the knees should be slightly bent, and the arms should be slightly relaxed. In this way, with the help of the power of passing, the left and right hands can be parallel when the five fingers open to hold the ball. 2. divide the power of shooting into feet, knees, waist, arms and wrists, mainly the power of waistCurie is hot on difficult shooting. Are there any skills in shooting
Therefore, we must straighten our hands and coordinate the center of gravity of our body. Master the strength and direction of basketball, so that you can greatly improve your goal hit rate. When pitching, you need to pay attention to the power of the right hand to push the ball forward and the direction mastered by the left hand. The palm of your hand should move the ball slightly to make the basketball swing in the airHow to practice Kuri's shooting posture
4: The release method of the ball is not to push the ball by force alone, but to relax the elbow joint and shake the wrist and fingers to eject the ball while extending the arm. In this way, the ball will rotate and fly to the distance easily. Curry's shooting posture is not very special. On this basis, the palm of his hand is slightly forward. When shooting, the ball is held around the center of his eyebrowsAsk for basketball teaching video and ask for Curie to shoot After watching it, I slowly understand that I believe you will be able to throw a good three-point ball like curry
Is Curie's basketball hand type teaching  said so muchCurie's shooting hand solid or hollow? He said to be hollow in the training camp, but he has a lot of pictures that are real
100% must be solid, because the ball will rotate faster in solid shooting than in hollow shooting. If you have noticed that the ball rotates very fast in curry shooting, you can do an experiment yourself if you are interested
How stephencurry changed the way he played basketball
One of the main by-products of the library and the increasingly dominant position of the three pointers is that it pushes the game to the periphery and away from the key. This, in turn, no longer emphasizes the role of big names in the sport. Forty years ago, the center was an outstanding force in professional basketball. Even 20 years ago, during the ordeal of the 1990sCurie's shootCurie's basketball hand type teaching  said so muching posture from taking thCurie's basketball hand type teaching  said so muche ball to taking the shot, including Curie's hand shape is solid and hollow, which has beenCurie's basketball hand type teaching  said so much studied
First of all, your two feet are spread apart, the same width as your shoulder. Your right foot is slightly before the test. When shooting, your hands naturally open and put them in the lower right corner of the ball. Your hands can be hollow or solid. I have done experiments myself. Then the legs lean in slightly when squatting, and then the ball starts to lift up while taking offHow curry pitched the ball high
Jump shot technology is an important means of scoring in basketball matches. Its action method is (this article takes right-hand shooting as an example, which will not be explained below) holding the ball in front of the chest with both hands, opening the left and right or front and back of the two feet, slightly bending the two knees, and placing the center of gravity between the two feet. When taking off, bend your knees quickly, pedal the soles of your feet to take off, and lift the ball to your shoulders with both hands
Curie's basketball hand type teaching said so much

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